logos.jpg“History is not about the facts. It is about the context and who is telling the story.” —Prof. Milton Fine. 

"Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past."   –– George Orwell in his novel "1984." 

"Whoever doubts the exclusive guilt of Germany for the Second World War destroys the foundation of post–war politics." ––  Prof. Theodor Eschenberg, Rector, the University of Tübingen.

"If we have our own why in life, we shall get along with almost any how."         –  Friedrich Nietzsche



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Ostland Film (Carl Peters)


Here is a photo from DER FILM newspaper from 28 January 1943, showing the interior of the Splendid–Palast cinema where the Carl Peters and other films were shown in Riga, and on the right a recent photo (the cinema survived WWII and Soviet Occupation):




The Splendid Palast was built in 1923 and was the place of many Latvian film premieres. It is a cherished example of Art Noveau architecture still to be found in Riga. Here are contemporary photos of its beautiful Rococo ceiling and the exterior of the cinema's entranceway.


f64_palace_kino_270613_073 (1).jpegth.jpg

Ostland Film G.m.b.H; Riga
Eastern Occupied Territories