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The little item that started it all......


In 1977 we bought for $1.00 –– at a military collector's show ––  this Uƒa film studio 8 page newspaper, which had on the last page a B&W reproduction of the film poster for the Hans Steinhoff film Hitlerjunge Quex. The newspaper, called "Opfergeist," or "spirit of sacrifice" was aimed at Hitler Youth boys and BDM girls as a marketing tool to interest them in this film. Not that those youngsters would have been unaware of it, as the novel upon which the film was faithfully based had appeared both in newspaper syndication and as a book the previous year; and was hugely popular. 

"Opfergeist" is listed in our cinema owner's promotion guide for the film as a publication which the cinema owner could order in bulk for distribution across their city or town. Despite it having been printed in the many thousands in 1933, it is a very scarce piece of film ephemera. We reproduce below the front page, the second page with an article by KARL RITTER (the film's Producer) on how he found the young actor for the lead role after the first actor suddenly fell ill the second week of the film–shoot; as well as the poster page.