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2 Karl Ritter posters for sale


We offer for sale here two original A3 (approx. 12 x 18 inch) full-colour Ufa posters for Karl Ritter's hard–hitting Luftwaffe films, Pour le Mérite  (1938) and his unfinished Legion Condor (1939.) Perfect for framing!

Legion Condor  was planned as the SEQUEL to Pour le Mérite....  so here is your chance to own both film posters.

Both posters appeared in the Ufa film studio annual preview books issued only to cinema owners across the Third Reich.  The poster for Pour le Mérite appeared in the Ufa 1938/1939 book, and the Legion Condor poster appeared in the following year's book, 1939/1940. Along with other film posters in both books, these smaller sized posters were meant to be used by the cinema owners until such time as the film was ready for release, and the standard A0-sized "three sheet" larger poster could be printed using the same design. In the case of Legion Condor no such poster was ever issued because the film was abandoned in August 1939 just prior to the start of the Polish Campaign.  The poster design for this film was also used for our new book on the background, history and script of this lost film.

Both posters are available as a Lot, which includes a copy of our new book on Legion Condor, for €300 postpaid worldwide.  The two posters will be sent Registered Airmail from Australia in a small poster tube. The book will be sent in tough poly rip-proof bag separately. This is very good value-for-money, because the book is worth €30 and postage alone would be in excess of $40 otherwise. 

These posters are very hard to come by and the few copies of the old Ufa preview books occasionally floating around most often have these posters torn out and missing, as they are collector's items and the films so notorious. Such books, even missing posters, sell for €180 and up,  and postage from Europe is €48 via DHL per book, as they weigh over 2 kilos and are over-sized. Trust us, we know.

Please note that the Legion Condor poster has a small tear to the left edge of the poster design (see 2nd close-up photo below) but this can be easily repaired or the poster matted in a frame and the tear covered. The Pour le Mérite poster has no tears or rips.














Karl Ritter