logos.jpg“History is not about the facts. It is about the context and who is telling the story.” —Prof. Milton Fine. 

"Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past."   –– George Orwell in his novel "1984."



over 500  German film

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                            What's new in 2022 ?


New acquisitions of importance shall be added to this page as the year unfolds......


We own both German posters for the Luftwaffe film Kampfgeschwader Lützow, as well as the poster from Fascist Italy and a small daybill–style poster from Sweden.  We have now purchased the A3 "Kleinplakat" German poster, as well.



Lützow A3.jpeg


Our Deutsche Wochenschau poster and lobby card collection is very extensive, as can be found on this website. We have acquired a poster which we never knew anything about.  It is an A2-sized Gau Berlin poster advertising the 'newest film reports of the week' from the Front in 1940.  We have photographed it and added it to our Poster Gallery here.


We won at auction the 1938 film poster for 13 Mann und eine Kanone ("13 men and a cannon") directed by Johannes Meyer. We have received it safely and now added it to our Poster Gallery.



From a private collector in Europe the small 38 cm x 30 cm (ca. A3 vertical poster) Belgian poster for the Zarah Leander film Die große Liebe (1942). We show the poster below:





The Reich Propaganda Leadership  (RPL) Film Division of the NSDAP made a number of documentaries and short films meant for screening to Party members and selected other audiences. Simply text-only posters sufficed.  We have this month been offered privately and have purchased an extremely rare such poster, which is A3/ca. 12 x 17 inches large, for the anti–Semitic hate film called Juden ohne Maske, or Jews Unmasked. The film was released on 20 July 1938, with a running time of  37 minutes.








We have acquired the original film script for the film Wehrmacht propaganda feature film Fronttheater (1942) which came out of the estate of Rudolf Schündler, an actor who appeared in the film and who was also in charge of the management of the stage scenes shot in the amphitheatre in Athens which appeared in the film. The script's cover is missing, but all text pages are intact. The pages are the carbon paper copy made on the typewriter when the script was readied. 


The Ufa film studio "Feuilletons" Hefte were inexpensive B&W offset printed booklets, often running 60 to 80 pages in length, one-sided, with background information, interviews, articles and dot matrix images of stills from the film, as well as pen and ink sketches of the artists used for reprinting in newspapers when a film was being promoted. The Feuilletions were not a substitute for the film's official press-book, which itself was usually 12 to 24 pages long, with colour cover and printed on better quality paper; nor a substitute for the "Werberatschlag" cinema owner's guide for marketing a film,. which was between 4 and 24 pages long, also with a colour cover and better quality paper, and which contained both dot matrix newspaper advertising templates to use as well as the announcement and reproduction of all the forthcoming large and small posters on a film. But the Feuilletons had far more extensive information on a film than either a press-book or a Werberatschlag. And, the information did not always overlap the material on those other booklets. They were an important adjunct to press-books and Werbertaschläge. We are delighted to announce that we have acquired the Feuilletons for both the Karl Ritter film, Verräter, which was ranked #1 at the box office across the German Reich in 1936/1937, and that of the classic Ucicky film Morgenrot.





In over 25 years we have never found any original material on the film Hitlerjunge Quex when it was screened in Franco's Spain in and after 1939. Until last week. We won at auction a cinema handbill for the August 8, 1939 screening at a small cinema in a town in the Spanish region of Valencia.  The handbill reads:

The local Novelda Propaganda Headquarters  presents in a gala session at 10:30 at night, the film The Hitler Youth, EL FLECHA QUEX, a song to patriotic love. A film that vibrates the enthusiasm and selflessness of the little heroes who know how to sacrifice themselves for nobleness.





We have acquired an interesting film poster released by DIFU for Czech audiences, of a 1938 romantic comedy film from Mussolini Italy, now in our Poster Gallery here.  It is the only DIFU film poster in our Collection which does not have any German language text printed on it. It was obviously meant for Czech audiences in German occupied Böhmen & Mähren, as the film was released in Germany and a few other foreign countries in 1939, not in 1938 when it premiered in Italy.



This rare Uƒa Pressbook for the documentary film Sieg im Westen was won at auction in Germany. It is 32 pages and thankfully they are all intact. This is the first copy we have ever found, or even seen. Great to add to the Collection in its own right, but especially since we have two original posters for the film in our Poster Collection, and many lobby cards as well.





In Barcelona, we sourced this 1938 Spanish language brochure on Leni Riefenstahl‘s Olympia film. which is 12 pages long.  A nice addition to our extensive collection of original posters, lobby cards, and film studio promotional material and ephemera on the famous film.

Olympiad cover.jpg





We acquired from a German auction house a bundle of letters of WILFRIED von OVEN, formerly a top war correspondent and Press Adjutant of Joseph Goebbels in the German Reich Ministry of Propaganda, involved in the Poland campaign (1939) and in Spain (Guernica 1937), and post-1945 a journalist in Buenos Aires


A Collection of 26 covers and letters to/from Wilfred, also family correspondence to his wife Helene in Buenos Aires, mostly written in the 1950's-60's, and with some meaningful content ...

We are taking a chance on these letters, hoping that the "meaningful content"  mentioned by the auction house description proves valid. Von Oven published his 662 paged memoirs about working alongside Dr. Goebbels, entitled Finale Furioso – mit Goebbels bis zum Ende, in two volumes between 1948 and 1950 (Dürer Verlag, Buenos Aires.) A 1974 edition was later printed in Germany. 

In the book, van Oven remarks that on 27 August 1943 Goebbels confided in him that Germany had lost the war. As Press Adjutant van Oven‘s role was to brief the Doctor on all domestic, international and war news and keep him up to date on everything so he could respond ASAP with press releases and propaganda. So von Oven had a very close personal daily access to the Propaganda Minister and had living quarters in his Berlin office and his homes, and was at all important functions and events from June 1943 until 22 April 1945, when they said goodbye in the Führerbunker. He was ordered that day, as were all other staff who were not SS officers, to join the remaining Wehrmacht forces. He escaped death, evaded the rampaging Soviets and the Western Allies until he was included in a general amnesty and managed to find passage to Argentina in 1951 with his family and the unpublished diaries.

In his book Auschwitz: The Nazis and The 'Final Solution', Laurence Rees discusses an interview he conducted with Oven. He was asked if he could sum up his experience of the Third Reich in one word, what would it be, to which Oven responded: "Paradise".


von Oven copy.jpg