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EPSON789.jpgRabenalt's Fronttheater  (1942)  – Special Section

The 1942 feature film starring René Deltgen, Heli Finkenzeller, Willi Rose, and the two Höfpner sisters, Hedi and Margot; was filmed in Bordeux, in Babelsberg (Potsdam) and on location in Athens  and Saloniki during the fourth year of WWII. 


The Collection has the two German posters, the Hungarian poster, the pressbook and sixteen film stills and press photos of the film. In April 2014 Fronttheater memorabilia from  Feldwebel Alfred Sonntag was acquired at auction. He was technical leader assigned in May 1942 to the Terra Filmkunst artists and crew by the "Strength through Joy" organisation in Greater Saloniki to assist with the film.

Materials in his estate include 9 behind–the–scenes B&W photos (two of the photos are shown below) of the film–shoot at the Acropolis, film announcements to the Wehrmacht about the film shoot, personal correspondence between himself and the two actors Deltgen and Willi Rose into 1943; and a Fronttheater 'Erinnerung' sheet signed by eight film crew, including the Director, Cameraman, Productions Head; as well as all twelve actors and  actresses,as well as the two ballet dancers, the Höpfner sisters. 


 Here are 3 behind-the-scenes snapshots of the Lessing play Minna von Barnhelm being staged for the open air theater scenes in the Arthur Rabenalt film Fronttheater.