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School Classroom filmstrips and teacher guides


The use of 35mm filmstrips was a common method to show children  images of a new feature film or documentary film, and to tell the story and provide narration by their school teacher.  This class presentation either prepared the students for a screening of the actual motion picture, or provided a substitute for the actual film if no screening was possible

The filmstrip and teacher guide to the images – frame by frame – was produced by Filmosto – Projectoren G.m.b.H. Dresden. Filmosto also sold filmstrip projectors to schools and institutions; as well as to the general public.


A typical Filmosto projector from 1930's Germany – (not in our Collection):s-l1600-4.jpg

20181019_122618 (1).jpg

(In the Third Reich it was called Filmosto, and in the DDR, of which Dresden was an important southern city, the company was re-born as Vertrieb ASCOP – Werner Nowak.)

We have over the years collected six filmstrips from Filmosto. They are for the films:


Annelie *


Kadetten *

Die Rothschilds *

Der Weg ins Freie



We also have three study guides for the films marked with an asterisk.  In addition, we own the study guide for the film U-Boote-Westwärts! although we do not have the filmstrip for the movie. We also own two yellow and black metal canisters for the filmstrips as sold by Filmosto. Thus, for Die Rothschilds we own its canister, the teacher guide and the filmstrip – a complete set!



Our four teacher study guides, which range from 16 to 20 pages in length:




Two sample pages from the teacher guide for Karl Ritter's Kadetten:




The start of the Kadetten filmstrip:


s-l1600-2 (1).jpg


The filmstrips provided a high quality resolution of scenes from the motion picture, as is evident from these images taken directly off the filmstrip for Ucicky's Heimkehr: