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Google Analytics 2015 – 2017


In 2015–2016, GOOGLE ANALYTICS data indicated that 37% of visitors to this website were returning visitors, who spent an average of 8 minutes, 11 seconds per visit, and saw 7 web pages on such a visit. Of these visitors, over 8% remained on the website for 6 to 30 minutes and a small percentage remained on the website for 30 minutes or more per visit, and saw an average of 49 web pages on that visit.  Amongst the most visited web pages were those on Karl Ritter, Hannes Stelzer, Besatzung Dora, Ostland Film GmbH; the Der Deutsche Film Index, and individual posters in the Poster Gallery. 

Between December 2016 and December 2017, 58% of visitors to this website were new and 42% were returning visitors. That rate of returning visitors proves the value of the website in content, research, information, and images.

The Home page was read by 26% of visitors, and the Poster Gallery visited by 22%.  Four percent of visitors looked at our Poster Store (and we sold quite a lot of our  inventory of listed posters and film ephemera in 2017….)

The next-most visited pages were in descending order:

What’s new in 2017?

Karl Ritter

Ostland Film GmbH

Hitlerjunge Quex

Hannes Stelzer

Klaus Detlef Sierck

Riefenstahl’s Olympia.

What' was new in 2016?

Der roten Hölle

 Original Film Pressbooks & Scripts

Poster Exhibition in Berlin, March 1939

Ohm Krüger

Deutsche Wochenschau

Film Archives

Kampfgeschwader Lützow

Werner Kraus & Jud Süß

Besatzung Dora

Film Stills


The top five sources of visitors were generated by:


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