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Pop Quiz:

Which notorious Nazi propaganda film between 1933 and 1945 generated the most net profit, once all costs and overheads were covered against the box office receipts?

Was it the Emil Jannings epic Ohm Krüger ?

Was it the wildly popular biopic Bismarck starring Paul Hartmann?

Was it ....reitet für Deutschland, starring matinee idol Willy Birgel?

Or the infamous anti-Polish, anti-Semitic film Heimkehr, distributed as far away as Japan in 1943?

Or the very popular sequel to Bismarck, Die Entlassung, with Jannings?

Or  Karl Ritter's 1941 box office  smash hit Über alles in der Welt ?

Was it Karl Ritter's box ofice hit of 1942, GPU ?

How about the most famous and widely seen anti-Semitic film of the Third Reich, Veit Harlan's Jud Süß, with some 20 million viewers ?

Well, no, it was none of those. It was in fact, Ritter's Pour le Mérite.

This fact is in the chart of the 16 top propaganda films of the Third Reich, as shown on pages 238–239 of Dorothea Hollstein's book ANTISEMITISCHE FILMPROPAGANDA (1971, München).