POSTER GALLERY  --view over 500 12th.jpeg German

film original posters between 1927–1954  from

Germany and from countries across Europe!  


Note!  Posters in the Poster Gallery are PERMANENT

acquisitions which are NOT FOR SALE!!   ONLY the

posters listed in our POSTER STORE are for sale. 

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Potsdam Film Museum's exhibition "Plakativ"

includes 47 posters from our Collection, open 

from 12 April to 25 August 2019. We hope that

you did not miss it!

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Four posters are from the Weimar Era (Das Flötenkonzert von Sans Soucci, Geheimdienst, Morgenrot x 2) and one is from the BRD (Tiefland). The remaining 42 posters are from the Third Reich. The posters are both original German posters as well as from various other European countries which distributed German films in these years – Sweden, France, Belgium, Finland, and Occupied Czechoslovakia (a/k/a Protektorat -Böhmen & Mähren.)

Below the cover of the Poster Exhibition brochure, as well as two Potsdam newspaper reviews which appeared one day before the opening on April 12th. Further coverage also appeared in Berlin newspapers, without photographs of posters, as well as on television news channels.

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