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What's new in 2020?

This page shall be updated regularly as any especially important or novel new film acquisitions are made in the course of the year. Stay tuned.


Our first acquisition is this 1944 film advertisement for the premiere of the film  Junge Adler  at the prestigious Ufa cinema palace in Prague.


s-l1600-2 (1).jpg

No film poster of Junge Adler was printed –– this confirmed by the Ufa handbill which you can find in our Poster Gallery under the film title -- but we do have 27 lobby cards and 5 press photos, as well as the film's press-book in our Collection, all of which we have scanned and made available to HKruger-374dpi.jpgInternational Historic Films in Chicago for their  forthcoming 2020 DVD release; which will be remastered from an original 35mm print for top quality.


RIGHT: Eberhard (Hardy) Krüger in Junge Adler, his first film role at age fifteen.