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Uƒa film studio and the Ordensburgen

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In the confidential Ufa book "Guidelines for Film Distribution 1940/1941" found in our Library,  the book has a small set of guidelines for Ufa managers as regards providing feature films and short films to the Hitler Youth Ordensburgen:


EPSON362 copy.JPG


The paragraph explains  the renting out of films to the ORDENSBURGEN, is to be at a flat (i.e.: inexpensive) rate of RM 50,– to RM 75,- per film and further states:

" The Ordensburgen of the Party as training centres of the future Party leadership attach great importance to film screenings in order to take a corresponding share in the development of German film. "

Only one feature film was made in the Third Reich  in an Ordenburgen -- Victor de Kowa's  Kopf Hoch, Johannes! (Chin up, Johannes!), which starred Klaus Detlef Sierck as the young Argentine-German sent from the Pampas to Germany for schooling, and to learn discipline and obediance after youthful transgressions on his father's farm estate in Argentina.

Here an advertisement for the flm from our collection: