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What's new in 2021 ?


It did not take long for us to celebrate the start of hopefully a far healthier and more positive New Year. We have been offered privately and acquired this November 1942 film poster for the Splendid-Palace cinema in Riga, Latvia advertising the 1941 anti-modern art German propaganda film Venus vor Gericht (Venus on Trial), and the comedy Du und Ich (You and Me).





We have acquired this small (27 cm X 17 cm) interesting cardboard poster advertising piece for the famed Alessandrini Italian contemporary war film Giarabub.

We have three original posters for this 1942 film, which we consider amongst the top war films produced by Mussolini Italy. Our Poster Gallery also shows all of the Fotobustas for Giarabub which we have.




We announce here some private photos taken during the film–shoot of Karl Ritter's Luftwaffe film BESATZUNG DORA in the USSR in October 1942.  They are in a Wehrmacht soldier's album, unlabelled, which we acquired in September 2018 in Berlin at auction. We had been misled as to their relevance because the auction listing attributed the few photographs in the album to Ritter's Stukas film of 1941. This auction took place 9 weeks after we discovered the long–lost film script for Karl Ritter's Legion Condor feature film. We became totally focused on researching, writing and publishing our new book on that film, and this photo album was put on the proverbial back–burner.


Anything to do with the banned Luftwaffe film "Dora" is exciting to us, although these photos, even had they been known at the time of purchase, would have missed our THE MAKING OF THE CREW OF THE DORA book#s publishing deadline by more than two years.

Nonetheless, we are pleased to show some of them here for the first time:


Here is a candid photo of soldiers making the signage to be used in the FEINDFLUG ceremony scene, spreading the materials out along the train tracks:



Here is the scene with film actors and actual Luftwaffe personnel and air crews before the filming (from the album):



And here is the film scene as represented in the Ufa lobby card:



Here a candid shot of actor Joseph Dahmen 'conducting' in the Officer's Mess at the Gostkino Fliegerhorst in the Soviet Union, with soldiers looking on. The man at the extreme left of the photo in civilian clothes is Gottfried Ritter, Assistant Director to Karl Ritter, and his youngest son.




The Ufa camera crew (Gottfried Ritter at left) in the muddy road of the Soviet village on the outskirts of the Gostkino air base:



The final album photo is that of Karl Ritter, in Luftwaffe uniform, arriving at the filming location in his car. Note the Ufa 35mm motion picture camera in a weather-proof shroud. This is the first time this image has been published, along with the above photos.