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The Karl Ritter Trilogy of books


The books:

* Karl Ritter - His Life and 'Zeitfilms' under National Socalism (2014)

* The Making of The Crew of the Dora (2016)

* Legion Condor – Karl Ritter's lost 1939 feature film (2019)

provide the student or reader of Third Reich cinema an unparalled insight into film–making in these years.

Karl Ritter was the only film director from this era who kept a daily diary and added to it snapshots, telegrams and other ephemera to document his work in the German film industry from his Weimar Era days in silent film through to the end of WWII and beyond. His diaries spanned 1911 to 1977.

Privileged access to the diaries, held by his family in Argentina, allowed author William Gillespie to write the biography, and then the two subsequent books on the banned film Besatzung Dora and the cancelled film Legion Condor.  Both books, as well as the biography, draw on the diaries and private photographs, and Ritter's own words to tell these amazing stories. From being ignored and despised in post-war German film history,  we now have more information and primary source history about Ritter than was imaginable a decade ago.

These three books combined have:

  • 838 pages

  • 591 footnotes

  • 188 B&W photographs, maps, sketches (many previously unknown)

  • 24 full colour full-page plates

  • extensive Bibliographies

Karl Ritter, a pilot, decorated war veteran in both WWI and WWII, a graphic artist, Ufa production leader, film director, script-writer, and early NSDAP member (1925) is without any question the most fascinating Third Reich film director, bar none.  Enter into Karl Ritter's life and you will not be disappointed. Third Reich film-making as you have not experienced it before, from the hardest–hitting propaganda film-maker of the Zeitgeist.



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