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This poster may be the only surviving original in existence. On the back side of the poster the handwriting below states: "The colour graphic apprentice Günther Kögg has by himself prepared the Blue and the Red plates without supervision after only 2 years and 8 months apprenticeship. ––Verlag Scherl, Berlin, March 1940:"  It seems likely  that the young man took this poster home to show his parents and it remained safe in their home until after the war, and eventually was auctioned and purchased by The Gillespie Collection. There are no copies of this poster in German or Austrian film archives.



Note the "März 1940" date of the Scherl Verlag commentary from the back side of the poster. In August 1939, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union signed the so–called von Ribbentrop–Molotov Pact and both countries then divided up Poland the following month. So at the time this poster proof was printed, the Nazi–Soviet Pact was six months old, and Germany did not invade the Soviet Union for another 15 long months. Why was the poster for this anti–Bolshevik propaganda feature film by Karl Ritter being printed in the first few months of the nearly two year running non–aggression Pact? It can only mean that Germany never had any long–term interest in partnering with Stalin, and propaganda was secretly progressed behind the scenes.  Although the invasion of the USSR took place in late June, 1941, the KADETTEN film did not premiere in German cinemas until December 2nd that year. The film had actually been meant to have been premiered on 5 September,ber 1939 in Nürnberg, at that year's Reich Party Day Rallies. That Rally was cancelled due to the invasion of Poland earlier that week.