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Ein Robinson


Promotional materials on the film Ein Robinson followed the traditional line of other German feature films from this era:

  • 2 large (A0) sized posters

  • 1 Kleinplakat (A3)

  • Glossy lobby cards and smaller press photographs

  • A press-book and a Cinema Owner's Guide (Werberatschlag)

  • Illustrierte Film-Kurier program for cinema audiences

  • Das Programm von Heute program for cinema audiences

  • Aktuelle Filmbücher pamphlet on the film for cinema audiences

Our Collection has one of the two "A0" large German posters,  and does not have  the  cinema owners guide (Werberatschlag) but has everything else listed.

  • In addition to 16 lobby cards and 2 press photos, we have 7 large photos of the actual Emden crew and their officers and captain after they were captured by the Chilean Navy when their ship was sunk in neutral waters by the British Navy in WWI.  These particular photos were submitted to the Third Reich Film Censorship Board for approval to be used during the film's PR campaign, but the request was denied and all the photos were forbidden. 

  • 32 private Fanck family photos taken during the Chilean expedition  (see three of them below....)


In addition to the pamphlet on this film published by the 'Aktuelle Filmbücher' series, a second pamphet called "Shipwreck in the Pacific" was released, about the Fanck expedition to Chile and the South American coast of the Pacific Ocean. This expedition shot footage and located appropriate settings for Ein Robinson.



A comparison of the text and contents of each of the two pamphlets shows no repeat of any content. The Shipwreck pamphlet does contain some on-the-scene photographs of the Ein Robinson film-shoot, which are not found in the Ein Robinson pamphlet itself.


This spread on the Shipwreck pamphlet outlines Fanck's expedition:


This spread in the Ein Robinson pamphlet presents the historical background to the sinking of the German WWI cruiser Dresden by the British Navy off the Chilean coast,  the start of the "Robinson" story line developed in the film.



Both pamphlets are found in our Collection, along with the press-book, twenty lobby cards, thirty-three snapshots taken by Fanck during the film-shoot of Ein Robinson in Chile, and six photographs of the actual Chilean island prison settlement of the  POW German Kriegsmarine survivors of the sinking of the Dresden during WWI from the Reichsfilmprüfstelle archives.  We also own two German original film posters as well as the original Fascist Italy poster.

BELOW are scans of the Das Programm von Heute brochure on the film:






 Private Fanck family photos in our Collection:


1. Cast and crew in Chile (Arnold Fanck in centre, with his head looking downwards)


 2. The campsite on the island for the Fancks and the film crew and actor Boehme.


3. & 4.  – Photo of Arnold Fanck and his son Hans–Joachim Fanck in Berlin studying a map of Chile and Patagonia; and a photo of Hans-Joachim ("Hänschen) in his own tent on the "Robinson Island" during the film-shoot. The boy played the role of "Klein Peter" in the film.



5. Frau Fanck and son on the set of the Robinson island farm:





Below: a contemporary Vienna film publication's illustration of Director Fanck and lead actor Böhme discussing the film script.



In 2006, the Chilean government retrieved the ship bell of the Emden in very deep waters off the coast of the country and returned it to the German Bundeswehr, where it is to be found in the Militärhistorisches Museum of the Bundeswehr in Dresden. 



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