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Nippons Wilde Adler (Moyunu Özora) (The flaming Sky)


Imperial Japan made a series of feature films glorifying their soldiers in campaigns conquering eastern China, Manchuria, Hong Kong, the Phillipines, Vietnam, Burma, and other SE Asian countries; as well as one on the attack on Pearl Harbour, Hawai'i. One such film was Moyunu Özara. The English language title ascribed on IMdb is "The flaming Sky," and the German title for the release in Nazi Germany was "Nippon's Wild Eagles," Nippons wilde Adler; which had German sub–titles.


Below is the advertisement for the film's premiere in Berlin (7 June 1942, Film–Kurier Tageszeitung). The premiere was attended by Reichsmarshall Göring and the Japanese Ambassador to the Reich, along with many other Luftwaffe and Wehrmacht officers and Party officials.



Here from our photo library a shot of wounded Wehrmacht soldiers attending the film's premiere in Berlin on 5th June 1942, as "honored guests."  Three nights later director Karl Ritter and his wife attended a screening in the same Berlin cinema (as per The Making of The Crew of the Dora book, pg.31).




wilde -label.jpg



BELOW,  we have the original A3 one–sided printed advertisement poster for the film for its Sachsen premiere season in the city of Dresden in November 1942. The film has had its lavish premiere in Germany at the Uƒa Palast am Zoo cinema on 5 June 1942, with the attendance of the Japanese Ambassador to Germany, and all the leading Luftwaffe other military men, and NSDAP officials. It was now making its rounds to other capital cities throughout the Greater German Reich. 

Japan (Imperial Japan)