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Giarabub  (please allow time for images to load onto your compuer)


Alessandrini's 1942 military film about the British assault on the Italian held Libyan city.


ABOVE: The magnificent Scalera Film studio recreation of the Italian fortress used to film Giarabub. This photograph is from the 1941/1942  Scalera Film annual preview book from our Collection.


 It is one of the most famous war films from Mussolini's Italy about a group of Italians who are under siege by the British in Libya. The situation is hopeless for the Italians and it is clear that they will lose. The propaganda was intended to give a patriotic message to the Italians -- the worst days of the war were approaching, and that the right thing to do is to remain calm and dignified. There is also a feeling of sacrifice for the motherland in the face of overwhelming odds.

The film was exported with German language dubbing as Die Letzten von Giarabub. Our Collection has six Italian "Fotobusta" cardboard lobby cards for this film; as well as some original German films stills for the Die Letzten von Giarabub Third Reich release.

 Here are two magazine advertisements for the film which appeared in Italy in 1942 to market the film (from our collection.):


EPSON047 (1).jpgEPSON048 (1).jpg


Also, from our Collection, the very hard-to-find Cinevita photoplay brochure telling the film plot via a series of over 50 B&W small photos from the film.